13 years together. 11 years of home ownership. 9 years of marriage. 3 relocations. 2 (and a half) renovations. 2 kids. 2 dogs.

Through many changes over the years, the one thing that has stayed constant is family. And wherever our little family is… that’s where home is. The Hams at Home!

We’re the Hamilton’s and we love making houses more of a home. We’re engineers by day, but DIY nerds on nights and weekends.  Over the years, we’ve slowly (quickly at times) been exploring the world of home improvement and have tackled many projects ranging from painting a room, to a complete kitchen overhaul.  With inspiration from some of our favorite blogs and home TV shows, we’re on Hamilton Home #3 and excited to continue on our home improvement journey.

After 3 homes, we’ve decided to document all of our progress through a blog rather than just our before and after albums on Facebook.  We hope you enjoy checking in our projects and progress, because we’re so excited to get started here!