I’ve been a little lazy on the blogging lately… actually a little lazy with a lot of things.  I had a nesting spurt go on for like 2 weeks, but the last few weeks, I’ve started to feel like I’m in first trimester again and all I want to do is nap and relax. ::yawn::

It also doesn’t help that we recently came across a small patch of mold on one of our basement walls and are trying to decide what to do.  So we’ve had contractors in and out of the house for the past few weeks. Sigh.  More on that soon.

But I need to really just enjoy some “free time” right now before things get busy with TWO little ones.  The nursery has been done for a little while, but I was dragging my feet on this little DIY project and also of taking pictures of the room.  BUT!  The time has come.  First I want to talk a little about this over the crib decor, and then next week we’ll reveal baby girl’s room!

So, you may remember from my last nursery post, that I shared this design idea board:

I loved something floral for above the crib, and the hoop seemed like the perfect way to balance out the square-ness of both the room and the crib.  But, as with a lot of things I come across on Pinterest and then Etsy, I see the price tag and think to myself, “I could probably do that for way cheaper.”   And then I take forever to do it hahaha.

I loved this one above that I found on Pinterest, but I decided that I wanted to skip out on the word in the middle.  I really loved the simplicity of this picture:

I feel like I may have went a little overboard in Connor’s nursery with the art and wall decor.  It just all feels a little busy.

I was totally in love with his crib decor too.

I also did that one super pregnant 😀

I’ll probably pare down his room at some point, but for now, I knew I wanted to keep baby girl’s room more peaceful and simple.  Plus, the windows are a bit more spread out in her room, so there really isn’t much wall space for decor anyway.

I also wanted to make the hula hoop green to go with the rest of the room since I don’t really have gold accents.  Awhile back, I picked up some faux-eucalyptus greens and faux coral colored Ranunculus from Ikea’s floral section in anticipation of this project.  I decided to stop at Five Below one day in search for a super cheap hula hoop (success!) which was conveniently located right next to a Joanne Fabrics for some green floral tape.

I picked up a medium sized hula hoop for $2 at Five Below and then this green floral tape.

Although, don’t make the same mistake I did.  Get the actual “floral tape” rather than the “stem tape”.  The stem tape ended up working, but it’s kind of sticky on both sides and you have to kind of stretch it to ensure that it sticks on the hoop.  My fingers were a mess by the time I was done!

I started to wrap the hula hoop with the tape, slightly stretching it as I went…

I questioned why I would post this picture of super pregnant me in my pajamas with bed head that David happened to snap as he walked in the room… then I thought, whatever. I rarely have pictures of myself doing projects on the house, unless I specifically ask David to take one.  So eff it.  Here I am in my usual home glory of pajamas (aka comfy shorts and old UD t-shirts) hahah.

And you get to see our new family room rugs and how we still haven’t touched the built ins yet. Sigh.

Once the hoop was wrapped, I was actually super pleased with the matte like finish of the stem tape!

I cut off the flowers and left a little of the stem to work with, and wrapped them around the hoop.  Then, I wrapped stem tape around that to cover the stem and make it blend in with the hoop.

I was planning on doing a similar design to the inspiration picture I posted above, but I decided I kind of liked the lop-sided look of the flowers and leaves gathered rather than spread out.

Another unflattering picture of me…  Aren’t you jealous of my coffee table decor??

It was a lot of wrapping.  I ended up going through about 2 rolls of stem tape.  But I also had this guy’s help to keep me company.

I am totally in love with the finished product!  It’s also the perfect green to go with the room.

I also then dragged my feet on figuring out how to hang it up.  I decided on a bunch of little 3M command strips so that it would be “secured” to the wall rather than just hanging with a nail.

I hung it high enough where she’s not likely to reach it, but in the chance that she’ll probably eventually play with it, it’s not heavy at all.  Another negative of the stem tape vs floral tape… the 3M strips didn’t really like to attach to the stickiness of the stem tape, so I ended up hot gluing them on and that worked like a charm.  The 3M strips stuck to the wall perfectly, and the best part is, they won’t leave a mark on the wall if we ever take it off.

You can’t even tell they’re there!

So, that’s baby girl’s over the crib decor!

I can’t wait to share the whole room with you next week!

Have you done any quick and easy DIY projects for your nursery decor?  Let me know!