We’ve been working on this one in the background lately, hence the radio silence, and decided it’s finally time to share a bit about it!

Enter, nursery 2.0!!

That’s right, #BabyHam2018 and Connor’s little SISTER is joining our little family in August this year, and we couldn’t be more excited!  I really thought I was going to be a boy mom all the way, but deep down inside, I had a feeling it was a girl.  Connor also agreed.  When we first heard baby’s heartbeat at 12 weeks, he very confidently stated, “SISTER!!”… THEY KNOW! haha.  He’s very excited and talks a lot about “baby sister” and it makes us melt! And I just can’t wait for adorable things like Daddy-Daughter dances <3

This room has been waiting for some love, as it’s never really been used since we’ve moved in.  Now, a little love bug will come fill it! I have some design ideas in mind (I’m thinking hunter green!), and we’ve been slowly working at them over the past few weeks… ceiling is painted, window trim and crown molding installed and painted, and we finally picked out a wall color, as seen in these pictures.  I love the color, but unfortunately it’s not super high contrast for a special message on the wall ;).  I also decided this time that I didn’t want to be doing this 6 days before I went into labor again (this is from Connor’s room in 2016) 😀

So, expect to see some new posts about nursery 2.0!!  We also have a list of projects in mind of things that we’d like to get done before August (I’m looking at you, family room built ins!), so we’ll hopefully be sharing that for some accountability soon too, haha.

Until then, I’m enjoying having my appetite back and eating ALL the Easter chocolates!  Anyone have a symptom free first pregnancy, but super nauseous second one?  I never threw up thankfully, but man, it was saddening and tiring. I guess the boy/girl difference may ring true for me (and why is my skin so terrible?!)

So, let’s all hope for a productive spring!  We’re sure enjoying our outside time as a change of pace! Think warm thoughts, and try to be as happy as this guy is until then!