We went over a month without blogging, which was definitely not the plan.  Life got in the way, we were having so much holiday fun, visiting friends and family, and even taking a trip back down to Charleston, SC (I even stopped by our old house!… yes, the door was still yellow!)  Here’s a beautiful shot from before we moved out because the one I sneaked and posted on Instagram of it when we were there was total CRAP.  BUT, it did spark an interesting little conversation about whether or not you would go inside one of your old houses, whether asking to go in yourself, or being invited.  What would you do?  I was too scared!

In this month of not blogging, I happened to miss our 1 year blogging anniversary (“blogiversary” I’ve heard it called?).  Last November, we officially published our first post called “Hello Everybody!”  You should go back and read it.  It’s got a pretty great Aunt Bethany/Christmas vacation reference and video in it 🙂  It’s been a fun and crazy year with a lot of changes in our lives, and we’re so happy to have this blog to document and share the fun things we do around the house.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

We also hosted Friendsgiving (6 adults & 5 kids) and Thanksgiving with David’s side of the family (7 adults & 1 kid), and it was absolutely wonderful.  We had just recently gotten our new sectional sofa, and I’ve never felt less stressed about making sure people felt comfortable, everyone had a seat, and there was tons of room for the kids to run around.  Which reminds me, the living room decor is coming along slowly but surely, and I need to post an update on it.  For now, here’s a sneak peak that I posted on our Instagram page:

I snapped this picture with my phone because it just gave me so much joy.  It’s missing Connor’s Uncle BHam and Aunt Wawa, unfortunately, but it warmed my heart to realize that all of that work of taking down that wall to make this one big comfy room was SO worth it!

So lately, we’ve been doing a bunch of little projects around the house, some for Connor and Christmas presents, along with making our kitchen a little more user friendly for us, all of which we plan to give an update on soon, but man, we are craving a big project!  We were driving home from somewhere the other night, and I said “we need to start on another room soon”, and David immediately agreed.  Forget that I still need to finish furnishing the family room (I’m STILL on the hunt for some good area rugs), sewing the curtains, and eventually get to those built-ins.

But MAN, there is just something so much more motivating about starting fresh and getting rid of some more of those flooring boxes hanging out in the basement hahaha!  Truly, I’ve never showed you guys what the carpet looks like upstairs, because I’m completely embarrassed about it.  I can’t wait to rip it up and lay down our beautiful hardwoods.  We obviously still have plenty to choose from!

I probably won’t be posting again until after the holiday craziness so, until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you all!  Here’s our Christmas card that we wanted to share with you guys.  Thanks so much for following along and reading this past year.  We’re so excited about the year ahead!

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