If you’re in the Delaware area, how about this snow today??  I stupidly posted about the snow last week on Instagram, hoping it was the last snow of the season.  ‘Tis not.  Hope everyone stays safe today!  And follow us on Instagram if you aren’t already 🙂

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Did you catch part I of our Dueling Desks discussion??  We talked about our history with home offices and what we were looking for in our forever home with our current job situations.

So after some searching for some good executive desks, I came across an email from Home Decorators Collection.  I still get emails from them, from that time when we bought this hamper and turned it into a trash/recycling system in our kitchen.

That thing has served us well for many years, while still looking good. Can you spot it in all of our kitchens so far?

One of their emails flashed a headline about 10% off office furniture with free shipping, so I figured I’d peruse through and checkout what they had.

I pretty quickly found this desk.

Original price: $379 + $75 basic delivery.  But that 10% and free shipping…  basically $113 cheaper.  PLUS, I found a promo code for $30 off your purchase of $150 or more. Score!

It fit all of our needs.  The storage, the hiding wires, and it was a pretty good price.  We decided to pull the trigger, mainly because we’ve been so happy with our hamper/trashcan all of these years.

Not bad.  Well two days later they sent another email titled “20% Home office with free shipping!” Sigh.  I called into them and got a price match, which brought it down to $300 per desk, delivered! Much better.

The downside of this desk is that it’s assembly required. We’ve been pretty spoiled with some of the furniture we bought lately having “white glove delivery” and setting up the fully assembled furniture exactly where we want it in the house.  Oh well.  I find assembling Ikea furniture therapeutic sometimes, so I’d survive.

I bought these back in early January, knowing that they were out of stock and wouldn’t deliver until early February.  Well, early February came around, and they delayed it again, much to our dismay.  We really weren’t in much of a rush for these desks, but it’s always so hard to know that you’re finally getting something that you want, but it just keeps getting delayed.  Midway through February, they sent an email saying that they were shipped and should be here by the end of February.

They called to schedule delivery, and came two weeks ago to drop them off.  I talked the delivery guy into putting the huge, heavy boxes into the office for us rather than the foyer.  One less thing we had to worry about.  Thanks dude!

Think of the assembly as Ikea on steroids.  Two large desks with multiple drawers.

Unluckily, David passed his sore throat and achy body sickness to me around this time, and he dove right into assembling the first desk… probably because it was going to be his 🙂

By the end of the weekend, I was feeling better and dove into mine… and always with my helpers by my side.

It all came together in perfect timing for the week last week (since Connor’s daycare provider was on vacation).  There’s nothing I love more than being close to my main men.

The dueling desks really allow for a good line of vision for the whole room and windows. I’m also looking forward to many nap time blogging sessions here on Fridays too!

We really love them so far.  They provide a lot of good storage while looking simple and nice.   David’s standing desk now seems like a little bit of an eyesore on it since it’s black, but not all well-used, useful, and healthy things can look pretty, right?

I really like the way the towers are setup.  The left side acts as fake drawers to store a desktop tower in.  Does anyone use those anymore?  Currently, we have our printer in mine.  I’m hoping I can get my handyman to build a slide out shelf for it soon so that it maximizes the storage in there a bit more.

The other side has three drawers, two for small stuff and a third for hanging files.  I wanted this feature so that we could ditch our other filing cabinet.  Anyone want to buy a nice, oak, 2 drawer filing cabinet? 🙂

We’re in the process of sorting and purging through all of our old office crap before we load anything in here, hence why it’s so bare.  These types of things are always perfect opportunities to start fresh.

For the short time that I’ve used mine last week, I must say that my only real complaint isn’t much of a complaint anymore.  When I first sat down at it, I realized that I would definitely need to use the keyboard drawer for using my laptop since the height of the top of the desk is definitely not at a good ergonomic height for my arms. Luckily, David happened to have an old keyboard and I happened to have an old wireless mouse.  But unfortunately, the keyboard drawer isn’t quite wide enough to accommodate both of them.

Oh well, it gave me an excuse to do a little shopping and also upgrade my setup.  I mean, David has an awesome touch pad and solar keyboard, I deserved something nice too… now if only my work would have paid for it.

I searched Amazon (actually smile.amazon.com!  Support a charity while you shop!  We’re still supporting Save a Yorkie Rescue since we don’t foster anymore) and was surprised to see all of the options.  I guess since we don’t really have a TV, I didn’t realize that the internet TV’s have created quite the market for wireless keyboards with built in touch pads.  I found this one by Logitech with great reviews and had it shipped free via 2 day shipping.  Thanks Prime!   I love it, and my setup is a bit more compact and a bit more wireless now!

Now, to get rid of my external hard drive and look into some Cloud storage for all of our pictures and music…

I’m looking forward to shopping for some accessories like a desk lamp and maybe some small plants to bring some greenery in. Also a decent looking but comfortable desk chair. We’ll reveal the rest of the playroom/office setup soon… I just have to add in some finishing touches and attempt to clean it up for once.  This little dude is pretty good at demolishing anything that looks remotely organized.

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