Read Part I of this post in case you missed it!

With all of the ideas together on my idea board, we got to work.  First off, we got started on the planked/shiplap wall because we knew it would probably make a big mess in the room.  I think we’ll probably write a whole post on this wall, so for now, we won’t get into any details.

I sent this picture to my in laws to show them the nursery progress we were making, and they told us we should just keep the wood grain.  I think its a generational thing?  Older generations want to keep the grain to show the quality, whereas we just want to paint everything.  I had that conversation with my mom once.  I’m just generally not a big fan of wood grain unless its on the floors or furniture. What do you think?

So I slapped that beautiful Ben Moore Hale Navy on it!!!!  SO PRETTY.  Don’t be jealous of my sweet, pregnant, painting outfit.  The slippers weren’t part of the outfit, those are just my permanent attire when I’m around the house.  I’ve since been upgraded to some sweet TOMS slippers for Christmas.  Thanks babe!

We then got started on the molding (at least the windows and crown) so that I could paint them before I painted the walls. Again, I think we may write a more detailed post on how we did the molding, so I’ll leave those details for another time.

The ceiling also needed a fresh coat of bright white paint, to clean it up and lighten the room up since it was going to have a navy blue wall.  We removed this crazy ceiling fan from the previous owners and sold it on Craigslist for like 10 bucks.  You’re upset you missed out on it, huh?

We replaced it with a basic white one so that it just blended into the ceiling.  I wanted the shiplap wall to be the focus, not the light fixture.  Plus, if you don’t like to sleep with a ceiling fan, or fan in general, I think you’re a little crazy.

Once the ceiling was white, the molding was all bright semi-gloss white, and the remaining walls were simply white, it was time to do the flooring.  We decided that we wanted the whole house to have matching hardwood floor in every room (with the exception of the kitchen and bathrooms), so we went out and made our biggest purchase for this house yet.  And bought all of the hardwood flooring. And I mean all of it.  All 2300sqft.  Because I’m neurotic and didn’t want them to discontinue it by the time we finished installing the flooring over the next ten years haha. So yea, that’s sitting in our house right now.  We’ll detail that whole process out another time.

David ripped up the old, nasty carpet and we got started on the flooring.  He was they layout person and cutter, and 35 week pregnant me was the nailer.  My back hated me after this.  Looking back, maybe that’s why I went into labor 3 weeks before my due date, haha!

Such a beautiful floor.  I have zero regrets about it.

We then installed the new baseboards, shoe molding, new doors, and were ready to decorate! My favorite part!

When David was putting the shiplap wall together, I had been doing my side table project.  A good sanding, a few layers of special paint, and a new wood, gray stained table top, a new drawer handle, and it looks like a whole new side table!

I also got my over the crib art completed. Sorry for the lack of detail on these projects, I’m thinking these are all good ideas for future posts.

Then we had one final shopping trip to Ikea for the rug and the book shelf, and we were good to go.

So here’s just a reminder of what the room looked like before.

And here’s after! I couldn’t be happier with how it all came together.  It’s my favorite room in the house right now.  Even if there is sometimes a lingering smell in the room from the stinky cloth diaper pail.  Anyone have any suggestions on that??

My brother got Connor this pillow after he was born, and I just love it!

He truly is our greatest adventure.

What do you think?  Do you love kids rooms as much as I do??