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This Wall is Coming Down! – Flooring

This would have been an easier job if I weren’t particular about our flooring. ┬áThere I go, making things difficult again. ­čÖé ┬áThe existing wood flooring in the formal living room area was still in pretty good condition, but my need for consistency won over the opportunity of reusing or refinishing. ┬áThe carpeted area in the family room was trash from the day we moved in. ┬áIt had a huge stain on it in the main walkway from the previous owners, and it was always embarrassing to have someone over and see them look at it.

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This Wall is Coming Down! – The REVEAL

Well, after about 3 months, we have a habitable room again… sans furniture! ┬áMany months of planning and preparation allowed us to get here, and David and I trucking through the final touches after the contractors were finished have finally given us the big, beautiful room that we had always hoped and planned for when we bought this house.

Wanna see?

Here’s a reminder of what we were looking at before. From standing in the kitchen ┬áwe used to see this:

And now, we see this:

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