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Building The Shelves That Weird Nook Was Meant to Have – Part II

Check out Part I of this post to see the building of these shelves!

We wanted a dark wood stain for the shelves.  We’re a little atypical with painting and staining in that (except for walls and ceilings) we apply finishes to everything before the final install. It just makes it easier to pull together the final project without worrying about taping and touching up already painted walls. This means I had to deconstruct the shelves for staining and mark each piece inconspicuously with it’s location so I could rebuild it easily.  It’s extra work, but we think it’s worth it in the end for a high quality finished product.  We’ll probably write a blog about our reasons one day.  Carolyn did all the staining and top coats because she’s way better at finishing touches than I am.  In case anyone is wondering we used Minwax Dark Walnutfor our stain color.  It very closely matches the hardwood flooring color we chose for the house.

Staining the shelves

Just look at this beauty… and the stain looks pretty good too!

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Building The Shelves That Weird Nook Was Meant to Have – Part I

Let’s face it, sometimes houses have weird, little nooks that make you wonder what the builder or contractor was thinking.  We have one in our basement.  One of the previous owners had the basement finished and created a strange cavity between a support post and a closet.  Ever since we first looked at it, we thought “That nook needs some shelves.” Our plan for this section of the basement is to make a bar area, so we thought the shelves would be a good place to store the growlers we’ve been collecting from our favorite breweries.

We also inherited a TV from my Dad.  It’s the only other TV we have besides our projector, and its on the smaller side, so we figured the shelves will also be a good place for a TV.  A bar needs a TV, right?

Carolyn found some “pinspiration” from these shelves, but couldn’t find a tutorial, so we decided to improvise.  She loved how they had a slight rustic, but built-in look to them, without actually cutting into the walls.

First, we measured everything and decided how many shelves to build.  We decided to go with four shelves, which would comfortably fit the growlers and the TV on top.  We went to Lowe’s and looked at the standard size pine boards and decided that it would be much cheaper to buy a sheet of 3/4″ plywood and cut it into sections for each shelf.  I had them cut the shelves to an approximate size because we brought our smaller car that day.  I over-sized the cuts by 1/2″ in each direction because although their cuts are super straight, their measurements aren’t always accurate in the store and I could easily do the final trimming at home.  If you don’t have a table or circular saw at home, you can have Lowe’s do all the cuts for you, but you’ll want to double-check the measurements before and after cutting.

Our design was a floating shelf so we wanted to see as little support or screws as possible.  To hide the screws I used pocket-hole joinery, a technique used in woodworking to join pieces of wood together with a screw drilled in at an angle. The screw can even be covered by a wood plug.  This was a perfect practice project for the Kreg Jig Kit that Carolyn bought me for Christmas.  The Kreg Jig is a tool to make pocket joinery simple. The kit she got me is amazing and is a bit of overkill for this project, but I plan to do a lot of built-ins with it in the future.  Kreg has plenty of jig optionsto match any budget.  Even the Mini Kreg Jig Kitcould get this job done. No, our tiny blog is not sponsored, I just really love their tools!

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Where in the world?

I’ve always been a lover of Ikea.  Yes, I agree, some of their furniture is not the best quality, but there are so many other diamonds in the rough when you walk through that store that make up for it.

When I was younger, every December, my mom, dad, and I would make a big shopping trip up to King of Prussia, PA.  My brother and sister used to go, but they lost interest in it over time.  We would hit the King of Prussia Mall, Guitar Center, and Ikea.  David joined in when he was in the picture, and we added Crate and Barrel to the list then, too.

Ikea was my favorite stop.  I always got so many ideas for things there, but was limited by the fact that I could only fit so many things in my dorm room.  I remember looking at this map every time I went, thinking that one day, I’d buy it and put it in our house to keep track of all of the traveling that’d we’d do in the future.

Well, three houses later, I finally found the perfect spot to put it.  We have a large room off of our main living area that we decided to make into an office and playroom combo.  The ideal spot to teach Connor a bit of Geography.  We made the trip to Ikea to pick up a long list of things, and I finally got to the art section, walked over to the canvas area….. and it wasn’t anywhere to be found.  But they did have this map.

@!#%!@#%!!# Seriously???  After probably like 6-7 years of looking at this map, the time that I finally decide to buy it, they don’t sell it anymore?? The replacement was a piece of junk.  I decided to do some research to try and find it, as I saw the one listed on Amazon, but refused to pay that price.  It’s a funny story actually… apparently Ikea discontinued the production because of it’s controversial labeling of the “Sea of Japan.”  Damnit.

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